Company Directory

Todd Leventhal, President
Phone: 937-322-5163, x122
Fax: 937-322-6826
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Joel Hastings, General Manager
Phone: 800-252-7666, x7
Fax: 217-379-9901
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Jeanie Teske, Customer Service Manager
Phone: 800-252-7666, x2
Fax: 217-379-9901
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Sue Taylor, Controller and Information Systems
Phone: 937-322-5163, x124
Fax: 937-322-6826
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Rachel Foster, Sales and Marketing Specialist
Phone: 937-322-5163, x101
Fax: 937-322-6826
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Bill Bouras, Senior Director of Sales-West
Phone: 314-614-6599
Fax: 314-843-7843
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Erin Busch, Director of Sales-East
Phone: 937-206-7003
Fax: 419-701-7401
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Jeff Stewart, Director of Sales-Midwest
Phone: 630-222-7807
Fax: 630-340-5818
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Jessica Broughton, A/R
Phone: 937-322-5163, x128
Fax: 937-322-6826
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Tonya Burgess, Purchasing
Phone: 800-252-7666, x231
Fax: 217-379-9901
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Dawn Robbins, Logistics Supervisor
Phone: 800-252-7666
Fax: 217-379-9901
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Brenda Watson, Distribution
Phone: 800-252-7666
Fax: 217-379-9901
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