Preserving our natural resources and ecosystems for our future generations.

As a corporate citizen, Nexstep strives to make a positive impact by adopting sustainable practices while still being able to deliver innovative products to our customer. Whether large and small, these practices will ensure viable natural resources and a clean and healthy ecosystem for future generations.

Recycled Plastics

The leading trend of future cleaning, Nexstep Commercial Product’s PET fibers, used for angle brooms and brushes, are made from recycled PET materials. The P.E.T. stands for polyethylene terephthalate and contains content made of recycled plastics such as water bottles. Benefits of using this recycled plastic include:
  • Reduces pollution
  • Consumes less energy and protects natural resources
  • Saves depleting landfill space

Biodegradable Materials

Biodegradable ProductsMany of our items are made with recyclable materials, including the vast majority of the yarn used in manufacturing our wet mops. The yarn is made from 100% Post Industrial Waste making it completely biodegradable. Environmental advantages include:

  • Made from renewable resources
  • Produces far less pollution
  • Compostable - decompose naturally over short periods of time

Flat-Pak™ and Overwrap Mop Packaging

Nexstep Commercial Products (exclusive licensee of O-Cedar®) offers two unique, environmentally-friendly, mop packaging options – our exclusive Flat-Pak™ Cartons & Overwrapped Bundles.

Flat-Pak™ Mop Cartons reduce the size of a standard mop carton by 45% saving valuable space for our customers. Individual mops are inserted in poly bags and the air is removed to compress flat. In addition...

  • With state-of-the-art engineering, our cartons use the least amount of corrugated material while providing superior product protection
  • All of our cartons are made of 100% recycled pulp reducing the waste going into landfills and conserving natural resources

Overwrap Mop Packaging eliminates the cardboard entirely, which can significantly lower your price per mop. In addition...

  • Compact packaging creates less waste
  • Eliminates all corrugated materials
  • Comprehensively tested to ensure outstanding product protection in transit and, unlike a brick pack, does not damage the fibers
  • Wet mops retain their appearance, stack easily and are more convenient to receive, store, and inventory

O-Cedar Commercial mops perform directly out of their packaging with both options. Private labeling is available with either packaging option, and your private labeled mop tag is always sewn into the mop head.