Choosing A Wet Mop

Choosing A Wet Mop

Mop Call Out


Loop-End Mops

Will not fray or unravel with use like cut-end disposable mops. Can be laundered for better effectiveness and clean appearance. With proper laundering, mop will last 8 to 10 times longer than a cut-end mop, ultimately making it a more economical choice.

Cut-End Mops

Economical for general purpose floor cleaning. Not launderable, so the product life is relatively short. Tends to “lint,” lose strands and leave uneven gaps on floor surfaces.

Safeguard™ Mops

Cushioned shoulder prevents marring and scratching of baseboards and furniture. The steel plate with screw connector is attached to the headband by rivets. Provides superior cleaning with minimal effort due to more yarn being in contact with the floor.

Screw-On Mops

A plastic injection molded cap that incorporates a metal threaded stud and accepts any standard screw-on handle. Designed for the mop to lay on the floor for more efficient mopping.


5″ PVC coated mesh headband is secured to the mop with 6 rows of lockstitching and back-tacked to properly secure headband to mop. The mesh headband offers greater durability and allows the yarn to dry thoroughly.


A woven 1/2″ tape sewn toward the bottom of the mop to secure the yarn and prevent tangling. Cleans 50% more floor per stroke and mops evenly without leaving gaps for faster mopping and lower labor cost. Standard on all loop-end mops; can be added to cut-end mops for an upcharge.


An antimicrobial additive is locked into the yarn to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi that cause odors and stains and shorten product life.

Customize your wet mops for only 6 dozen per size!

• Convert wide band mop to Narrow Band mop, add “-NB” to end of item number. • Convert narrow band mop to Wide Band mop, add “-WB” to end of item number. • Add Tailband to mop, add “-BS” to end of item number. • Convert any mop to Safeguard™ , add “-SG” to end of number. • Convert any mop to Screw-On, add “-SO” to the end of number.

Mop Chart

Customize your wet mops for only 6 dozen per size!

Private Label

Customize wet mops by having your desired information printed in black on your tag. Your tag is sewn into the mop and then the mop is placed in a clear polybag – your “private labeled” mop. • Add “-PL” to end of item number


Customize wet mops by having your information printed in black on your tag. Your tag is sewn into mop and your “private labeled” mop is then placed in an O-Cedar Commercial attention-grabbing three-color polybag. • Add “-PCB” to end of item number

Flat-Pak™ Packaging

Flat-Pak™ Packaging

The vast majority of O-Cedar® mops come in Flat-Pak™ packaging. With Flat-Pak™, the mops are inserted in poly bags and then the air is removed from the poly bags, compressing the bags. The mops are then packaged in cartons that are 45% smaller than the cartons required in traditional packaging, saving valuable warehouse space. Flat-Pak™ mops retain their appearance, stack easily, and are more convenient to store and inventory. And Flat-Pak™ mops perform directly out of the package like traditional mops. O-Cedar® mops not available in Flat-Pak™ packaging are Safeguard™ MaxiCotton™ and MaxiClean Screw-On Mops, MaxiCotton™ Screw-On Mops, MaxiRayon™ Screw-On Mops, MaxiPlus® Microfiber Mops and MaxiRough® Cloth Mops.


Wet mop sizing is important to overall mopping efficiency. A wet mop should be sized both to the person who will be mopping and to the mop wringer with which it will be used. Most mops are sized according to the weight of the yarn they contain. Blended mops have made this sizing method confusing and obsolete because a lighter weight blended mop can pick up more water than a heavier, all cotton mop. Therefore, loop-end blended mops are sized according to their pickup capability and the wringer size they will fit rather than yarn weight.

Important Factors to Consider


The absorbency of a mop refers to its ability to pick up and hold liquid. Higher levels allow floors to dry faster, leading to great productivity and worker safety. Microfiber, Rayon and Cotton yarns have the highest absorbency.



The durability of a mop is a measure of how long it will perform before needing to be replaced. Microfiber, Synthetic Blend and Cotton/Synthetic Blend mops are the most durable. Mops with antimicrobial fibers have greater durability because they inhibit the bacterial growth that causes mop odor, discoloration, and mildew that breaks down the fiber.



The launderability of a mop is based on the number of commercial washing and drying cycles it can withstand before the construction of the mop is degraded or the performance declines. Microfiber, Synthetic Blend and Cotton/Synthetic Blend mops have the highest levels of launderability.



Release is the ability of a mop to disperse liquid onto the floor or during wringing. Higher levels allow faster and more complete wringing, as well as more efficient application of cleaning solutions on the floor. Microfiber, Rayon and Cotton/Synthetic Blend yarns offer the best release of liquids.




Attracts dust particles, removing up to 75% more dust and dirt than traditional cotton mops. Reaches into crevices that ordinary fibers pass over. Uses far less chemicals. Can be laundered up to 250 times.


Contains no pepper trash or oils. Used primarily in special applications such as floor finishing. While offering extremely high water pickup, has relatively low water retention, making it less effective for general purpose mopping.

Synthetic Blend

Made from a combination of rayon, polyester, and acrylic fibers. Great for dispensing chemicals and liquids. Highly absorbent, picking up 3-4 times its weight; little “break-in” required. Will not mold or mildew. Less linting than many other blended fibers.

Cotton/Synthetic Blend

Combines high on-floor performance with long product life. Cotton fibers provide high water absorption and retention for effective floor drying. Synthetic fibers such as rayon afford maximum water pickup and require no “break-in.” Other synthetic fibers such as polyester give increased strength and long product life.


Effective and economical for general floor cleaning. High absorbency allows fast floor drying. Susceptible to mildew that can rot mop yarn and shorten product life. “Break-in” needed to remove natural oils and gain full absorbency of mop.


The ultimate mop for applying floor finish. Tightly spun nylon yarn glides along the floor surface with less drag, greatly reducing worker fatigue while evenly distributing finish.