Floor Sweeps, Street Brooms and Brushes

Material Guide for Floor Sweeps, Street Brooms and Brushes

Brush Materials

Natural Bristles


Produced from the tail and the mane, the soft horsehair comes in black and gray. Horsehair is used in a variety of brushes due to being durable. Should not be used on wet or oily surfaces.


Natural medium stiff fibers from the palmyra palm. This plant is native to India. Extremely durable, brown in color, has good bristle bend recovery, is economical and tough, and is an excellent choice for general sweeping. Can be used wet or dry.

Palmyra Stalk

Also a product of the palmyra palm. Palmyra stalks are very coarse, stiff, and strong. Commonly made into street brooms and used for cleaning the heaviest debris. Excellent for wet or dry use on pavement, concrete, and driveways.


Soft to medium stiff fiber from the agave plant found in northern Mexico. It has a natural white color, but is frequently dyed or bleached. Durable and retains shape after continual use. Highly resistant to heat, alkali, solvents, and acids. Has excellent water retention and will maintain stiffness while wet.

Synthetic Bristles


A flexible, silky synthetic fiber that has a very high heat tolerance – up to 350˚ F. Very durable and excellent abrasion resistance. Will not stain, mat, discolor, or absorb odors. Excellent for food service.


Excellent chemical resistance and bristle bend recovery. Very good abrasion resistance and tear/break strength. Sustains temperature up to 400˚ F.


Available in many colors and weights for different applications. Resistant to acids, oils, fungi, and bacterial growth. Sustains temperatures up to 225˚ F. An excellent synthetic fiber for food service, and also perfect for industrial and commercial settings where sweeping or scrubbing take place on wet or dry surfaces.


This fiber is highly resistant to acid and detergents. Polystyrene has excellent flexibility and wear durability. Should not be used with sweeping compounds.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

Extremely durable synthetic. Ends are often flagged (Feather Tip®) to provide a soft brushing face. Oil and moisture resistant. Not for use with sweeping compounds.


Brass Wire

Rust resistant; provides a high degree of abrasion but is softer than stainless or carbon steel to prevent equipment damage. For use on ovens, griddles, and other metal equipment that is heavily soiled but cannot sustain heavy scratches.

Carbon Steel Wire

Provides a high degree of abrasion and wear resistance. Good bend recovery. Best choice for aggressively removing residue from metal parts or brick.

Stainless Steel

Provides a high degree of abrasion and wear resistance. Resists chemicals and rust. Excellent bend recovery. Best for aggressively removing residue from metal or other resilient materials.

Steel Wire Brush


Hardwood Blocks

Quality natural lacquered hardwood blocks provide classic, traditional durability and dependability. Two threaded or tapered holes provide long product life.

Structural Foam Blocks

These non-absorbent plastic blocks are made with fine synthetic cellular core surrounded by a solid skin. Lighter in weight, these blocks will not crack, split, warp, or house bacteria.

Fill Design

Staggered hole patterns prevent gaps in fill material for better performance. Dense fill leads to longer life. Flagged tips pick up fine dust and debris. Flared ends allow access to corners.