Nexstep Commercial Products (Exclusive Licensee of O-Cedar) is committed to protecting the environment and improving the current state of the Earth’s ecosystem. Improvements made to our production facilities increased our energy efficiencies. Nexstep not only enhanced our competitiveness and reduced costs for our customers by implementing “greener” practices; on a macro-scale, we are reducing Global Warming by emitting fewer greenhouse gas emissions, reducing our carbon footprint and producing less pollution. In addition to our operational green-conscious programs, our O-Cedar Commercial products and packaging demonstrate our continued commitment to the environment.

Our Products

PET Fibers

PET FibersWe use PET Fibers to manufacture across our full line, including Angle Brooms, Brushes and even our Shrinkless Loop-End Mops. PET is a recyclable material that offers many benefits:
» highly flexible and stable – very strong and lightweight
» resists moisture, alcohols, and solvents
» offers higher strength and stiffness, will not break or fracture
» withstands extremes in temperature

Biodegradable Materials

Biodegradable MaterialsMany of our items are made with recyclable materials, including the vast majority of the yarn used in manufacturing our wet mops is made from 100% Post Industrial Waste making it completely biodegradable. Resources offer these advantageous environmental effects:
» made from renewable resources
» produces far less pollution
» compostable – decompose naturally over short periods of time

Microfiber Materials

Microfiber MaterialsMicrofiber, which employs split fiber construction, provides effective cleaning and reduces the need to use stringent chemicals – which makes our environment healthier and safer.
Our full line of microfiber products:
» use less water than traditional materials
» are highly launderable, eliminating waste
» reduce chemical use

Our Packaging

Flat-Pak™ Mop Cartons

Our Flat-Pak™ Mop Packaging reduces the size of a standard mop carton by 45% saving valuable space for our customers. In addition:
» with state-of-the-art engineering, our cartons use the least amount of corrugated material while providing superior product protection
» all of our cartons are made from 100% recycled pulp reducing the waste going into landfills and conserving natural resources

New! Overwrap Mop Packaging

Overwrap Mop PackagingWe now offer a new packaging choice for our wet mops; the Overwrap option eliminates the standard mop carton.
» compact packaging creates less waste
» eliminates all corrugated materials
» comprehensively tested to ensure outstanding product protection in transit and, unlike a brick-pack, does not damage fibers